about pasta ya gotcha

We are famous for delivering freshly cooked pasta entrees in high volume operations. Some of our sauces are pretty famous too. 

Our customers are always complimenting us on what we believe to be crucial to any successful food operation…Consistent Quality and Taste.  Since we work so hard to provide both, we are proud of the compliments and loyalty of our valued customers and corporate clients.

Our award winning sauces and system for delivering freshly cooked pasta entrees in under 45 seconds were developed by food industry veterans. Their experience starting several upscale restaurants combined with many years in operating roles at Ritz Carlton and Hyatt Hotels around the world gave them an idea – Bring together the quality, flavor and variety of meals found in expensive restaurants with the speed and convenience of quick-serve dining and you have a winner. Fortunately they also had the experience and skills to make it a reality. 

The ongoing philosophy behind our menu is “Pasta Beyond It’s Italian Borders”.  This has resulted in a fundamental change in the expectations of our great customers.  Our best selling sauces are the non-traditional flavor profiles of Texas Tijuana Taco, Tennessee Jack BBQ, Holy Moly Chipotle and Thai Peanut sauces.

The goal has always been to provide the time proven favorites at the level of quality and taste expected of a fine dining establishment, at a fraction of the cost and wait time.  Perfect for corporate and family requirements.

Today that philosophy takes the form of more than a dozen savory sauces. and a unique system for delivering the entrees cooked fresh in an exhibition style preparation method. Customers love to see their order cooked right in front of them while they only have to wait a few minutes.  No steam tables allowed!

The PASTA ya GOTCHA! program works well in a number of settings which has allowed us to make our products available through a variety of different outlets including: 


Commercial and Institutional Food Service Organizations

If your operation requires that you satisfy a high number of customers that demand a quality product, delivered fast, PASTA ya GOTCHA! is the perfect fit.  For more information please see the Corporate Food Services & Wholesale section on this site.

Delivered to you

PASTA ya GOTCHA! entrees are available through a variety of delivery services such as 2GoServices, GrubHub, BiteSquad and Postmates.

Wholesale to the Industry

PASTA ya GOTCHA! sauces and other products are available to retail food outlets such as deli’s, convenience stores and restaurants looking for a way to expand their menu offerings without the high costs of expanding kitchen facilities. For more information please see the Corporate Food Services & Wholesale section on this site.

Regardless of how or where you enjoy PASTA ya GOTCHA!, you can be assured that your experience is guaranteed to be FRESH-FAST-FANTASTIC! 

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