At PASTA ya GOTCHA! we apply the same philosophy to our catering services that we apply to every aspect of our business.  FRESH-FAST-FANTASTIC is not just a catchy slogan to us, it’s how we prepare every plate (or platter) of pasta with our unique and memorable sauces. 

Every day of the work week, we serve hundreds of happy, and VERY loyal customers at private corporate cafes.  Each plate of pasta is made fresh, fast, and custom-finished as requested. 

We’d love to provide you and your guests the same personalized service for a special event, holiday celebration, or business gathering.

Consider a custom pasta bar for your next event. Non-alcoholic beverages and desserts available as well.

We promise that your guests will appreciate a FRESH-FAST-FANTASTIC pasta entree cooked to order just for them.

Check out a Sample Catering Menu.

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